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  1. United have the most incredible racket going. The bird wot founded it is just raking it in by the millions. Parkway are doing their best to catch up, Worldpath are scouting for the crumbs. There are a couple of other minor players. But United are simply minting it. "World's most expensive private hospital", according to internal research done by one of the big international insurers with a presence here.
  2. As others have mentioned, MSH has to be one of the worst insurance companies out there. I spent over 5 years in the insurance business (literally writing policy and rules, etc). and can say without reservation I would never recommend MSH. MSH is denying a necessary MRI based on a trumped up non-existent preexisting condition because it does not wish to pay the claim. We have spoken to several doctors and people in other claims departments who can only shake their head. Shame on MSH and shame on the American Chamber of Commerce for choosing this insurance company.
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