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  1. No, the point is that if you are in Asia/China and earn even a good ESL salary, and you fullpats better have this much saved up after two months or you cannot budget, you can save up the money for heart surgery or being mended after a horrific auto accident. Save for one or two years and you can self pay anything that will happen to you. Anything. Even a low level ESL teacher can save $10k USD and that pays for anything. You MNC's can self pay for anything - again, provided you don't pay USA rip off prices that are keyed off your insurance plan which is why they ask for your insurance first. To see what they can maximum charge you for. Happens in the USA as well. If you end up paralysed and a quadrapalegic, then back home you go - but short of that you can pay it yourself. Then there is the issue of accepting that you aren't entitled to millions of euros of care just so that you live, but that's another thread...
  2. @PeterP It will if you do not pay USA prices to ripoff Chinese clinics. Clearly no one here wants to use the fact that the medical costs here are not at USA levels and the USA has the most expensive prices the world has to offer and it's why I reference USA medical prices in this post. In fact prices are 1/20th or less than in the USA. Appendix bursts? $500 usd, proper care, week in a private room, here in boondocksville. Seen this, happened to a friend. There is no way medical bills here approach the level of the USA, UNLESS you insist on going to the ripoff clinics that take Fullpat insurance, the clinics that elevate their prices to use up exactly as much as your insurance company will pay. If UF is unwilling and unable to stabilise someone after major medical, trauma, cardio vascular event, etc. THEN WHAT THE FARK ARE YOU PAYING THEM SO MUCH DAMN MONEY FOR? Seems to me you guys are being ripped off as you get no value for money with your insurance as well as your "Western Style Medical Care". My mistake, I thought some of you here do not waste money. Silly me when some of you piss away 50k a month on an apartment. If I break a leg - I can pay for it myself. If I stroke out, I can pay for it myself. If I have an MI, I can pay for it myself. Why? Because I am not in the USA where it will cost me n x 100k USD. I am also not making 100k/CNY a month here. What the **** are you pissing your money away on? Hookers and Blow? USA costs are $35k a day for major medical. Think 200k to 500k USD for anything that really saves your life. 400k CNY to fly you to Tokyo? Are you daft? It wouldn't cost that much to charter your own helicopter in the USA. That's 70k USD! Do you have any idea what 160k CNY/26k USD gets you in the STATES? That's retainer only practices that work with Scripps, or ARE Scripps, best in the world, cash only, premium insurance or pay in advance. And your friend paid that in CHINA? For a blown out knee? If you have 500k CNY in Chinese medical expenses you can get that all done in San Diego. -1) Wreck knee -2) Book next flight to Los Angeles, business or 1st class $5,000 -3) Arrive LAX and get rental car/limo/shuttle/ambulance to La Jolla $200-$1000 -4) Show up at Scripps, hobble in and cut them a check for $10K right there -5) Local hotel room $150/ night. Stay one week. You flew to LAX, are paying cash, and still have not spent 13k. I do not understand you guys, at all. WTF! More and more you guys support the notion that well-paid MNC D-level and up personnel are just idiots here. Pissing your money away on no-value for money nonsense. If you have 50k or 100k USD to waste on medical care here, fly to Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok, Sydney or Los Angeles.
  3. 5 Years X 2900 = 14,500 USD X 6.22 = 90,190 You should have just banked the money. Why could you possibly need more than 90k for emergency treatment in China? If it is very bad, go to Parkway or United Family, get stabilised, and then medivac you to Seoul, Tokyo, HK or home. I know people who are spending 2/3000 RMB a month for lifesaving cancer treatment for their mother. To them that is a huge expense, but to you that's close to your monthly insurance and that's for CANCER. You can fly to Bangkok and get a quadruple bypass for $14k USD.
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