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  1. Would a Dutch drivers license be ok in Thailand? sorry i got no idea about this, and have never changed my license to an international one.
  2. erh we are invited by friends who have it as a time share, so yes its free, and as its equipped with a full kitchen I am not worried at all about the food provided there is some sort of market nearby.
  3. Has anyone stayed in these? am probably going there next month but would wanna hear first if someone stayed there? pros and cons? Thanks
  4. Well said. The US government is more and more despicable by the day. FATCA and HIRE are probably among the most arrogant pieces of legislation ever written. Trying to govern foreign banks on the foreign bank's own soil, ridiculous. Yes, we know what they are going for, but it is just not right. Imagine if anyone tried to do that to bank on US soil? With all of their money printing and oppressive legislation, I eagerly await the day they erode and inflate themselves into irrelevancy. They need to swallow a hard pill so America can begin the long and painful healing process of bringing itself back to both financial and social health. In the words of Robert LeFevre, "Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure". Nothing could be a more true description of the US government at this moment in time.
  5. You should really use Turbotax Online. It makes the process much easier and explains everything along the way. I used it last year and it worked nicely.
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