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  1. Dump it into wifey's name, keep her entirely away from being anything the US can claim for taxes. Problem solved. Sure, I control all the accounts, but there is no paper trail to prove any of that. Last year I shifted all my brokerage accounts in the US over to the wife as well. Not having any taxes on capital gains is a nice thing Also, currently in the process of obtaining at least one other passport through heritage. If worse comes to worse, I'll just be renouncing the US and call it a day. I'm pretty much done with the place anyways.
  2. It's really nice if the carrier can directly reimburse the providers you plan on using here. The usual expat healthcare providers include Shanghai United Hospital, Parkway Health, and some others. One of the main criteria I used in selecting a plan is whether it will provide for ongoing treatment in the U.S. 365 days / year if necessary. There aren't many plans out there that do that. They're expensive too.
  3. My wife and I (63 american, 66 german) would like to retire in Thailand and are searching for a comprehensive health insurance plan(in+outpatient). Therefore, we would like to have more information about health insurance plans. What is the oldest age offered insurance? I want to know the current premium for a 75 and 85 year old person and to know whether we can afford the insurance at those ages. This information is important to be able to determine if we want this insurance. Are preexinting medical conditions covered by the health insurance plan if you are covered by another insurance? Is the plan lifetime renewable? Is the plan renewal guaranteed? Best regards, Guillermo
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