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  1. Be Careful of Expat Health Insurance, Especially Cigna. I am a lawyer who has sued, successfully, many insurance companies. I know what games they play with coverage. When I purchased my coverage with Cigna, I asked some very specific and important questions of the salesperson. He made certain clear promises. When I got the 100 page policy, I checked to see if he was truthful. He was not. These were major problems. When I e-mailed him and said that his statements contradicted the 100 page policy that no one can read, he replied ":we expect everyone to read the policy." I did not cancel right away. But I have had problem after problem with them. Six months ago I repeatedly called an e-mailed them to cancel my policy. They are still deducting premiums from my bank account, even though I verbally and in writing, on multiple occasions, revoked their authority to do this. Their insurance is more or less worthless to me.
  2. Expat taxes for US citizens working in Thailand? Does anyone know about this from experience? I am talking about taxes US expats pay the US Federal Government for 2016. I have worked in Thailand this last year and plan to live in Thailand long term. Any free advice from people who know about this first-hand would be appreciated. Thank you!
  3. When relocating to Thailand from the country where you have a free national healthcare or a local health insurance plan. You should definitely start looking for a health insurance plan that you will cover you whist living in Thailand and other destinations in Asia where you might possibly visit. The cost of medical and hospital care in Bangkok is much higher when compared to the cost of medical care in other non-tourist cites such as Nakhon Ratchasima, Ubon, Udon, Krabi, etc. If you plan on staying in a small city in Thailand then you might consider downgrading your health insurance plan as medical treatment in these cities is very affordable. However its always best to have some type of international medical insurance plan, just incase of the worst was to happen. Within the expat community you will likely hear or many motorbike accidents happening in Bangkok where the injured gets treated and left with bills anywhere between 300,000 to 1.5 Million THB. Medical care in Bangkok, especially for expatriates and non thai-locals can be incredibly expensive, as are any international expatriate hospitals like those in Pattaya, Phuket. The best insurance that i am aware of seems to be priced anywhere between 30,000 and 90,000 THB per year per person, depending on your current health. There are health and medical insurance discounts with family plans. English Teachers are known to receive a subsidized medical insurance plan. If you are planning on teaching in Thailand then remember that there is a mandatory HIV/AIDS test. This test also includes a include syphilis tests and a number of other sexually transmitted diseases. A number of other health tests required if you plan on obtaining health insurance through your workplace.
  4. I have used both BUPA, AIA and AACP and a few others. Each one has positive and negative. I myself work for a hospital and I get employees benefits but I pay for my own insurance policies just in case. BUPA has better health coverage but beware that it's a health insurance company and by Thai law, allows it to increase rate quite rapidly if you have many claims. While AIA and others are life insurance company so they are limited as to how much they can increase, but their health insurance product line is also limited. Certain companies give better service with regards to claims. But they don't offer as wide health benefit range as BUPA. I now have 2 health policies, one with AACP and one with AIA and a separate policy for travel (we travel oversea 4-5 times per year). My husband who is an Expat, I get him the same 2 policies with a bit more coverage. Because the policies we have all have limits on each categories (room, doctors fee, surgery fee) we can make claim, by having two policies We had to pay out of pocket only once and the amount was less than 10,000 BHT for a major surgery. For your child, the cost of policy is very high until one turns 6 years old. I would get a small policy. As for travel policy, we spend around 100 dollars per year. And get one for our son each trip ( a child cannot get annual travel policy. Not sure why). We find that by doing it this way, it cost much less than if we were to get one comprehensive policy for worldwide. If you are interested in getting my agent's name, please let me know. She takes care of all my insurance products, condo insurance, business liability and asset insurance, key man life insurance and health. Very knowledgeable. She also compare products amongst all the companies to get you the best suited products.
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