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  1. Expats in the Land of Smiles are in a variety of situations and can leverage them to make money while living in Thailand. Some are here as part of their expat employer, some are here on retirement, and some married a Thai citizen. Whatever the reason, the need to make more money usually manifests itself here. Even if you have a job in Thailand, the pay may not be sufficient enough to support the quality of life you desire. Therefore, you will look for ways to make extra money in Thailand. This is especially true if you need to make money in your home country’s currency so that you can pay bills outside of Thailand. Thus, methods for earning money of this nature will undoubtedly be those where location is not an issue such as the following. Freelance Writing in Thailand. Do you like to write and have a talent for it? You can make money while living in Thailand by writing. Many have added something extra to their income by searching out freelance writing jobs. These come packaged with names such as web content writer, copywriter, freelance journalist, and editor. For example, buyers from around the world come to Thailand to see one of their trade fairs where Thai goods are on display in hopes of procuring export opportunities. These trade fairs often need advertising and newsletters to be distributed in English-speaking countries. It is not uncommon for Thai public relations companies to hire an English-speaking writer/editor on a freelance basis to polish their newsletters representing these exporters. Some freelance writers living in Thailand write their own books and have them either traditionally published or self-published as an e-book. Writing and publishing a book takes time so make sure that you have money in the interim. Affiliate Marketing in Thailand. Many expats live in Thailand and make money while living in Thailand through affiliate marketing. However, don’t be fooled. This is not easy to get started with and you must always be on your toes to keep your websites maintained and up-to-date. Those who start with affiliate marketing here will typically have a lull period where click revenue slowly begins to build. In the meantime, these expats should have an income source or they can quickly go broke. Magazine Submissions from Thailand. This is along the lines of freelance writing in order to make money while living in Thailand. There are plenty of travel publications that are open to your submissions about life in Thailand or traveling to neighboring countries. Payment depends on if they accept your piece and the waiting period for acceptance could be rather lengthy. Here again, it is best to have a cash reserve to live on while you are here and waiting for publishers to accept your work. Ebay and Other Exports from Thailand. Ebay is a way for you to purchase local crafts and products here in Thailand and export them to interested buyers. Many do this to make money while living in Thailand. Ebay takes some of the trouble out of finding potential buyers because it is a source that they come to when looking for items unique to Thailand. In addition to Ebay, you can also buy the goods and do some aggressive marketing for finding buyers. This is a little tougher but can be more rewarding because you are cutting out the middle entity. Virtual Work from Thailand. Virtual work, working on the internet, can be done a couple of ways. The easiest way to get started is by going to one of several virtual worker sites such as Elance.com or Freelancer.com. There are others. The business model of these sites is to connect a buyer with a service provider. Buyers are typically looking for workers who can do web design, writing, programming, and any other type of work where the finished products can be submitted via the internet. The business model also requires service providers to bid on posted jobs. Tutoring on the Internet from Thailand. Thailand has competitive high-speed internet service through several providers and this service provides opportunity to make money while living in Thailand. If you are one who enjoys teaching English, you can do so to those in other locales through services such as Skype. The initial setup takes a little work and you will have to market yourself well. You may even be able to locate a company on the internet that hires online tutors. There are also people who hire themselves out to share their knowledge with others and do quite well once they build up a learner base. How Do You Get Paid in Thailand? The most popular way to get paid is through Paypal. There are other online payment services as well. Paypal is good because you can link them with your Thai or U.S. bank account. Thus, you can either transfer funds into your Thai account and withdraw as Thai Baht or transfer them to your home country’s bank account and pay bills in your currency. As mentioned previously, oftentimes the need to make money in your home country’s currency triggers the need for making money living in Thailand in ways that don’t pay Thai Baht. Of course there are traditional jobs (besides teaching) but these are scarce in Thailand for expats. Consider that a Thai business must hire 4 Thais for every foreigner it hires so you can see why they are reluctant to employ the expat. Private language schools, international schools, and Thai government schools all hire foreigners to teach English or other subjects depending on the degree of the applicant. However, there are not that many high-paying teaching jobs. Unless you are employed by your company back home, the best way to make money in this country is to not have all of your eggs in one basket. In other words, you can teach at a school, do some private tutoring, some freelance writing, and some virtual work and together you should do well to make money while living in Thailand.
  2. There is no doubt that the cost of living in and medical expenses are rising in Bangkok, Having life or medical insurance comes with its own benefits and for this reason many people have resorted to this plan for many years now. It is always good to know that nowadays the costs of medical bills and hospitalization can be partially covered with this type of plan. It confers the peace of mind that no matter what, these huge costs can become very affordable once you have purchased medical insurance for you and your family. Medical insurance benefits can extend not only to you as an individual but also to your entire family. In order to have access to these benefits there are several ways to approach these plans. Check down below with these approaches: 1) One way to access the medical insurance benefits, is through purchasing the plan through your employer who has access to group plans for their employees. At this point, your employer offers you the possibility of opting for medical insurance with a specific type of coverage where they pay a part and the rest being yours to pay once deducted from your monthly paycheck. It is also important to thoroughly check for the coverage plan and make sure that you get insured for a wider range of needs as in this way you rest assured that you can get covered for various health conditions. On the other hand you can get lucky enough for the employer to pay the coverage, but in this case, the coverage plan may be only the basic one which doesn't give you too much power of choosing the preferred coverage. 2) Another way to access medical insurance benefits is when your employer is not in the position of having this coverage paid for offering their employees no other chance than to purchase an individual medical insurance policy for their needs. This is a pretty rare situation, but it does happen for some employers to be in the impossibility of having access to medical insurance for their employers due to a poor financial stability. In some cases, employers are obligated by law to offer their employees medical coverage, but this is not applicable in Thailand, you may want to purchase an individual coverage plan. In this case you can as well have access to family coverage plans that are considered as group medical insurance, hence lower premiums to pay for the policy. At this point you may want to have a proper review of the plan and find the one that you and your entire family can benefit from according to your specific needs. Do not expect to have the dental coverage applicable inside this plan, but at least you can obtain pretty much coverage beside the basic one.
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