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  1. It may also depend on what country you are from. Americans usually require more comprehensive plans because the cost of medical care in the US is soooo expensive. Many Europeans are fortunate because the costs aren't entirely up to the individual (or the individual's insurance). This is mainly for major medical problems - for example, something goes wrong and you need to be brought back to your home country for treatment. Also comes into play when you are traveling within your home country. There is a man named Tony who you can contact through the American Chamber of Commerce (he doesn't work for them) who offers several different expat medical programs designed for different needs and different home countries. He has been around for a while and knows his stuff. As for local insurance policies, I can't help you there.
  2. From the medical record itself: Height Weight Blood Pressure Pulse Skin/Sclera/Lymph Nodes Chest and Lungs Cardiovascular System Spine and Extrameties Neuropsychiatric System Genitourinary System Vision Eyes/Nose/Ears EKG Ultrasound Radiology HIV HBaAG Anti-TB AST (GOT) TG BUN HGB MCH LYM% LYM Blood Type Syphillis Anti HBs Anti HBc FBS TBIL HDL-C WBC HCT MXD% RH Type HBeAG Anti-HVC ALT (GPT) TCH LDL-C RBC MCV PLT NEUT% NEUT Most of that is analysis of your blood, checking hiv, syphillis, cholesterol, lipids, etc.
  3. Depends on your visa type. If issued the F visa (business visa) then a medical screen is usually not required. If you are going to have a Z visa (work visa) then a medical screening is usually required. The check your vision, hearing, blood, stds, aids, hepatitis and a sonogram which no one knows what they are checking. Can be done in Shanghai at a clinic that is set up for the purpose, which is easier than having the screening done overseas and then translated. I had the medical screening when issued my original Z visa and renewals of the visa did not require additional screens, however, in applying for a new Z visa (process begun from scratch) a med screen was not required. Not sure why.
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