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  1. I must be taken for a complete sucker. Just got another call from "Julia" at equiasia group trying to sell me more shares. This time the boiler room scammers were quoting a semi-sensible company, Mariner Energy. She sounded quite sexy, so refrained from being too abusive - may not be so friendly next time she calls DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM UNSOLICITED PHONE CALLS - These guys will disappear with you money. Consult a financial advisor before making any decisions.
  2. Hi all, Just a quickie to say be careful about being "cold-called" by people offering investment advice to buy stocks that sound too good to be true. I was called by a guy said his name was Charlie Carson from Western Capital Trading. He was trying to get me to buy shares in a company called "paco Petroleum". Basically usual boiler room scam, send money but the shares at discounted levels, make fortunes etc. Then reality is the shares never arrive, and if they do they are fake.... Boiler room scams are exceptionally persuasive, so don't give firms like Western Capital Trading the chance to persude you. Best advice is if somebody cold calls you giving stock tips. Hang up on them immediately, or even better, call them mother f*ckers and then hang up.
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