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  1. If you plan at some point to go back with her yes start now and yes you have to register your marriage in the consulate here . As she does not have a green card she can not get a SSN but she can get a Tax payer ID number ( you have to love the IRS ) For you tax liability it would not make a difference as you do not spend enough time in the US and have no property . But at the time you want to get her a US passport or a green card the first thing you have to provide is tax records so having her in the filing papers will save you a lot of aggravation later on . As for the Roth IRA Really not sure sorry.
  2. If you are both living here , and if she does not have a US passport yet then don't file jointly . If you are seeking her US passport then you are in shady territory, that being said , are you out of the US for 6 or more months at the time ? if so then you will be exempt for Federal tax payment anyway so while is a bot more paperwork if you are seeking her US passport it will make it easier in the long run . If you have property in the US then it depends on the state on which the property is registered for tax purpose but the same as above applies how important is the US passport . That will be the major consequence in the long run.
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