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  1. I am considering an offer of a position in Shanghai. However, the offer excludes tax equalisation. As I have worked overseas for 16+ years on tax equalized packages, this is new territory for me. I hope those experienced here can help me with some basic questions. 1. Is it correct that there is a tax treaty between USA and China? 2. If yes, how does that impact either my USA tax or China tax liability? I am assuming it impacts only my USA tax liability if I am living in China. If that is true, how does it impact my USA taxes. My assumption is that the normal foreign earned income deduction would still apply ($80K+). So, if my income were $100K, the US tax allows me to deduct the $80K. As the tax treaty I assume is to avoid double taxation, how does it apply in this case? 3. Can anyone suggest a tax specialist in Shanghai or elsewhere that I can deal with via email to help me assess the USA and China tax liabilities and advise me how to minimize tax through structure of the employment agreement or other strategies?
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