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  1. Many foreigners tend to think of cosmopolitan Shanghai and its energetic people as the future of China. But anyone who has spent even a little bit of time in the Chinese capital will realise that dustily and at times dowdy Beijing is the place to make it or break it. People from all over the country flock here, lured by its opportunities, the feel of cultural ferment, and the chance to reinvent themselves. Students, entrepreneurs, artists, chefs, designers and more all move around the city in a constant buzz. While others may also think that Beijing, as the centre of the government, would be a somewhat suffocating place, Beijing, as the centre of the government, would be a somewhat suffocating place, Beijing’s native sons and daughters have a chutzpah that makes the city famous. There is an unusual freedom here that has made the city the creative centre of China, and which attracts artists from all over. Art galleries have blossomed in hotels, courtyard houses, old factories and an ancient watchtower. This is where the recording industry is located, and where serious musicians eventually end up. There are at least twice as many bands as any other city in China, and a slew of underground clubs and booming nightspots offering live music. Meanwhile, even entrepreneurs find Beijing a mecca because they say the risks - and rewards - and greater here. Beijing boats the best-educated citizenry anywhere in China, producing some 80% of the country’s PhDs; in fact, the city’s Haidian district is also known as China’s Silicon Valley. Finally, Beijing is also home to several million migrant workers, who are often referred to disparagingly as waidiren, or outsiders. This hardworking group is sometimes blamed for the problems confronting the city. However, economists say that Beijing would not be what it is today without this army of tireless labourers, construction workers, waiters and maids, who have kept the city buzzing along, taking on the kinds of jobs most others would prefer to avoid.
  2. I feel fortunate that we can afford the choice, and that we've found a good middle ground between local school and int'l school tuition. Sounds like your partner is sold on local local, in which case, affordability is not a problem. But if you're still not comfortable with 100% local, then the guoji/waiji bans are worth considering. Your son is in zhong ban? My older son did the guoji ban at a local kindergarten (since he wasn't as comfortable with Chinese yet), which was about USD 750/month. Still pricey, but not as much as int'l schools. My younger son is in zhong ban and I'm going to keep him in the local track for the rest of kindergarten because we're happy with the education there and because the price is nice (less than USD 200/month). Later when your son is ready for primary school, several local primary schools have guoji/waiji bans, including these downtown ones: Qi Se Hua (on Yandang Lu near Fuxing Park), Ai Ju (off of Hengshan Lu, near Xujiahui), Xuhui No. 1 Primary (on Fuxing Lu near Xiangyang Nan Lu). You should also check out the new YK Pao School which now occupies the former SCIS Changning campus on Jiangsu Lu. Their tuition is half of the international schools!
  3. Here is my list of Maternity Hospitals in Shanghai, the list is always growing and I welcome you to add other hospitals and your experiences to this post. Redleaf Hospital Offers gynecology, obstetrics, newborn care, pediatrics & postpartum recovery services that adhere to the highest international standards. 105 beds and 178 on-site parking spaces. C-section rate: Most clients choose vaginal delivery. Cost: Prenatal Package: 23,000 RMB Natural Delivery: 73,000 RMB C-section: 110,000 RMB Prenatal packages includes check-ups from 12 weeks, initial & follow-up consultations, 15+ types of lab tests, ultrasound, fetal non-stress tests, & down syndrome screening tests. Individual services avaliable. Pain relief: Yes, epidural and other pain relief available. Midwife present: Yes Water Births: Yes NICU: Newborn special care nursery is available on site, for intensive care, new-borns will be transferred to Children's Hospital of Fudan University. Prenatal Classes: Available on-site in English & Chinese. Breastfeeding Support: Yes Parkway Health International team of 80+ doctors and specialists offering premium medical services including family medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics & gynecology. C-section rate: 40% Cost: Prenatal: Between 15,000 RMB - 25,000 RMB Natural Delivery: 60,000 RMB C-section: 98,000 RMB Prenatal packages: Available from 12 or 16 weeks. Includes blood tests, ultrasounds, genetic screenings and doctor consultations. Individual services available. Pain relief: Epidural (locally made) not included in the delivery package. Midwife present: Midwife is always present during labor. Water Births: No NICU: Birthing center equipped with an incubator for pre-term babies with no other complications, newborns are transferred to Fudan Hospital's NICU. Prenatal Classes: Available on-site in English. Breastfeeding Support: Yes Shanghai East International Medical Center US-China joint venture providing a full range of world-class services including family medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology and on-site 24-hour emergency services. C-section rate: Below 30% Cost: Prenatal care from 12 weeks: 25,000 RMB / from 24 weeks 15,000 RMB Normal Vaginal Delivery: 62,000 RMB / Operative Vaginal Delivery: 72,000 RMB C-section: 86,000 RMB Prenatal packages available during trimester 1 or 2, Packages start at 12 & 24 weeks & cover all consultations and check-ups until birth. Individual services available up to 24 weeks. Pain relief: Epidural (locally manufactured) on-call support from anesthesiologist. Midwife present: Yes Water Births: No, but a bathtub is available. NICU: No, Has a partnership with Shanghai Children's Medical Center for emergencies. Prenatal Classes: CPR & First Aid, Prenatal Available on-site in English & Chinese. Breastfeeding Support: Yes Shanghai United Family Hospital Medical hospital offering a wide range of medical services with international standard treatment. Offers an English-speaking emergency department operating 24/7. C-section rate: 30% Cost: Check the website for current prices. Pain relief: Natural pain relief, Entonox, epidural all available. Midwife present: Yes Water Births: Available by patient providing equipment. NICU: Yes. Prenatal Classes: Both English & Chinese classes are available. Breastfeeding Support: Yes, Daily lactation consulting services, midwife clinic for breastfeeding. LLL meeting on-site. American-Sino OB GYN, Pediatrics Services Providing a comprehensive array of on-site services for women and children, including obstetrics, gynecology, and pediatrics, by certified specialists from overseas and China. C-section rate: 40% Cost: Prenatal Care: 20,000 RMB Normal Vaginal Delivery: 45,000 RMB C-Section: 70,000 RMB Pain relief: Painless services available. Midwife present: Yes Water Births: Yes in cooperation with ASOG International Hospital. NICU: On site in ASOG International Hospital. Prenatal Classes: English & Chinese classes are available, including yoga, postnatal pilates. Breastfeeding Support: Yes ASOG offers professional breastfeeding support.
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