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  1. I've done turbo tax years ago, also abroad (I still am but no longer use it)... I don't ever remember putting in an employer ID? I doubt the school in Thailand is in any database the IRS has? I do remember them having a great online forum there so you'd prob get better luck there than here...
  2. A friend in the USA to open an account for you, even a joint account, no longer is possible. There is an online bank that will allow you to do this called US Bank, but there have been some complaints about it. Oh, and as far as I understand, paper checks are no longer issued, only electronic, but that was an announcement a while back, and I don't know if that policy is still valid. You need to check that. But if you don't have an account in the US, it would be worthwhile to see if you can get the IRS to send the money sent to a friend's account, since the IRS charges for overseas transfers. The IRS has made it more difficult to contact them by any other means than by phone; I used to write them emails but that seems to have been discontinued. I wrote a paper letter, but I haven't got an answer, but that might be because I live in a country which has a rather poor postal service. But they have always been helpful, if not always knowledgeable, on the phone. The numbers are listed on their website.
  3. I was really nervous a few years back during the Olympics visa crunch. I got my 10-day GTFO visa and I thought that was it. But I went home and did things (semi) properly and got a Z from the embassy in DC. But then I thought, just wait until you try to get through Immigration! No prob. Ah, but just wait until you try to get your RP! Again, no problem. No one said boo until two or three visas later, when I went to Pudong to get an L extended. Sniveling b!tch flipped around my passport looking for evidence of atrocities. A-ha! She about had a fit over this two-year-old exit visa. I tried to explain that I had been tricked by some shady visa company that I'd been referred to by my employer. Ah, but how to account for hundreds of years of humiliation? She went to get a supervisor. I smiled. Real good and honest. He said never mind. Anyway, give a rule-crazy pig farmer a badge, and she can make things difficult. Even if you'd thought you were in the clear.
  4. I am having nightsweats about health insurance. All of sudden prices are become very inflated. I am tired of dealing with brokers with powerpoint presentations. I am quite healthy and do not eat meats that have been previously visited by bluebottles. Anyone know of any decent companies that sell affordable products without brokerages?
  5. Does anyone know of a good expat health insurance plan that i can look into? the one i have currently is ridiculously pathetic (i didn't know any better back then when i first signed up...), it only covers local hospitals. for minor colds and stuff, going to the expat wings in the local hospitals is okay. however, for anything more than that, the level of medical knowledge and treatment is just not acceptable (not to mention english). i know there are insurance brokers that i can talk to, but i'd like to get first-hand opinion on fellow expats who have different insurance plans, good or bad, so i know which ones to look into and stay away from....thanks a bunch!!
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