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  1. I'm sorry maybe my words got somewhat offence. Of course the government should take the biggest part of the responsibility. But the equality between street cleaner and the white collar may be realized in the future. But its impossible to come true in such an economy system. yes of course the cleaner earns the bottom salaries. But why the Chinese labor are acknowledged as the cheapest labors in the world? Because most of them are not skilled.Why don't you think these problem? Is there any inequality between Chinese Labors and Foreign Labors? Why these who sit in the office could earn more than these who clean the street? And even these white collars cannot afford their apartments. And have you ever seen these street cleaner spit on the road? The quality between those two levels are essentially different. I'm not saying that every one who do such job are in such low quality. I've done as a receptionist in an Exhibition. A German walked in front of me and ask me how much should he pay to the worker normally(who carried the baggage from the entrance to the service counter bout 200M)? i think 30RMB was enough. but the worker require for 200RMB Unless he would throw the Germans baggage out of the lobby. Do you think it's rational? And i can just earn 100 RMB for one day there. May be I should say I've somewhat unfortunately seen these workers who got the worst quality? on the point of the government i absolutely agree with you. But i just argue with you about the opinion of the payment equality between different jobs.And i also think most non-shanghaineses have occupied many good offers in SH. These foreigners whose work are teachers for foreign languages can earn easy money in China, though they may be the native speakers. In middle schools these foreigners just need to show some clips or somewhat videos and chat with these students(who are dare to speak English to them) and after that, a lot of money can be earned easily. It's the real inequality.
  2. Real equality? Everyone got the same salaries, no matter what jobs they do. Is that called real equality? And why their appeared the Occupy campaign in New York? And i think you should realise that in SH this is a competitive society. No one can earn a comfortable life unless he works hard. Most Shanghainese (I'm not talking about those who moved in SH in the past 10 years) are struggling. On the other hand, if we are not going to work hard, we will be squeezed out by those Non-Shanghainese.
  3. Agents are short term specific, they are real estate agents. they will search for what you are looking for, price point, location, contract duration etc. you need to get a Chinese speaker to help you if you can't speak Chinese. they will also help you find a proper place. but, you will have to sublet the last two months of a minimum 6 month contract to someone else, and subleting is often not allowed or complicated with the tennent, especially if you don't know them and are not around to enforce your agreement should they decide to flake. 4 months can only be found with room mates. you can find these on 1. english expat website classifieds (shanghai expat, enjoyshanghai.com, smartshanghai.com, cityweekend.com.cn, chinacities.com (has good classifieds). you might also want to find a Chinese person to help you search the Chinese classifieds for Chinese people looking for room mates. expats looking for roommates are going to charge you higher rent for three reasons, 1. they probably are paying an inflated rent because they are expats, 2. they will want you to pay more so they can cover part of their own rent & 3. 4 months is an extremely inconvenient period of time to ask a landlord for accommodation. There are other options that you can use to get "free housing." there is a cool new nightlife venue called "the Mansion" that has a hostel attached. you can stay there for free as long as you help them with parties on the weekends. if you are interested, let me know I can get you in contact with the right person.
  4. Hong Kong is hardly dog friendly - you need to live in a small cave or manger - out of the way in Sai Kung or similar. Otherwise your dog will go troppoh.
  5. Many foreign guys start shagging their Chinese assistant very soon after getting here. French couples are notorious for this - in the summer French women often go home with their kids and leave husband here. He invites his secretary to come and live with him for the summer.
  6. Sorry to intrude, but given your situation, perhaps it’s best to go back to the US. Your son got what he needed out of China (fluency in mandarin – a huge accomplishment), why deal with this predicament any longer? I can’t imagine having any good schooling options for your son on a teacher’s salary. Admittedly public schooling in the US is also a pretty shitty option, but it’s free and your son gets to breathe clean air. My unsolicited 2 cents.
  7. try to get an overview from a broker (eg china expat health - contact details should be easy to google/ if not let me know and i give you an email addr). you can describe whats important for you and they give you several alternatives.
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